Simple and effective

Every pet should have a visible ID tag to protect them.

Why wouldn’t you get them an advanced ID that helps to get them found AND generates funds for animal welfare?

With easy to use alerts and 24/7 vital information, a blanket ID tag actively helps get your lost pet home faster.

Waterproof, scratch resistant and noiseless, our blanket ID tags are 100% made in North America and guaranteed for life. A great mixture of style and protection. Now looking good in the park is just a bonus!

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Which tag would your pet choose?

With 70 stylish designs you’re sure to find the blanket ID tag that’s just right for your best friend. A great mixture of style and protection.

How We Get Your Lost Pet Home Faster


Missing Pet Email Alerts

Get the word out fast! Local Shelters, SPCA, Rescues and local blanket ID members immediately receive details and a photo of your pet.


Localized Search Party.

Missing Pet Email Alerts received on smartphones create an instant local ‘on the ground’ search party to find your lost pet quickly.


Vital Info Available 24/7

Anyone who finds your pet has 24/7 access to everything you want them to know – e.g. medical info and multiple contact numbers.


Found Pet GPS Mapping

Once your pet has been found, the finder is able to share their GPS location with you instantly for a fast reunion with your pet.


Lost Pet Posters

Don’t waste time creating a Lost Pet Poster. We automatically create a printable poster to help get the word out fast. Just click and print!

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Helping the Helpers

Funds from your membership go to support our Blanket Fund for Animals, or can be directed to the local organization of your choice.

Simple and waterproof

The Pod is a waterproof, lightweight and comfortable capsule to carry your contact info and your blanket ID number. The Pod is great as a second ID or for use on a second collar.

Words From Our Community

“I was at work when I received an email to tell me that Benjy had been found. I was able to arrange for my neighbor to collect him and look after him. Great service!”

Angie P Houston TX

“I’ve been a member for five years and this is the third time that our ‘escape artist’ terrier has been found using blanket ID – love it!”

Luke T  Tampa FL

“Our Lucy was lost after a minor RTA last week. I was amazed and relieved to receive an email within 15 minutes and to know that someone was looking after her until we could get to pick her up. This is the best money we ever spent.”

Bill S Denver CO

“My cat was found injured and the kind people that picked her up were able to see our vets details at blanket and take her straight there. I think your service saved her life – thank you”

Danielle L Windsor ON

Thank you so so much.  I am out of province on vacation and my daughter took our 2 dogs to a friends cottage for the weekend. The tie outs kept getting tangled and they are on a private island with a bridge to the mainland. They thought it was safe to let the dogs walk around.  But Felix is a wanderer and he doesn’t listen to calls if he is curious.  My daughter and I have been texting back and forth for the 20 minutes that he has been missing. I was beside myself. Thank god for the blanket ID tags.  She is on the way to pick him up.  Thank you so very much!

Susan Sorger Toronto

Thank You

Thanks to our fantastic members Since 2009 we have been able to help over 120 organizations that make the world a better place,...

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The blanket Fund for Animals

A portion of every membership goes to support The blanket Fund for Animals or your chosen rescue. When everyone gives a little a lot can be done.

Blanket ID has received the official Animal Wellness Magazine stamp of approval!

We gratefully received the “Animal Wellness Magazine Approved” logo and our certificate of recognition in April 2018.  This seal officially recognizes the high quality of our product and advantages of using a blanket ID to protect your pet.