What's in your pet's profile?

We want to make sure you use blanket ID to its full potential in protecting your pet.

Central to that goal is ensuring that your pet’s profile is up-to-date. Completing your pet’s profile means that anyone who finds your pet has instant 24/7 access to everything and anything you want them to know; multiple contact numbers, vet’s details, allergies, meds, care instructions – anything that’s important.

Your profile information and photo will be used in any Lost Pet Alert that you send out. You can access and update your information for free at any time – even after your pet has gone missing if you need to.

To check how your pet’s profile is displayed, go to your “My Pets” page and click the link that says “What a finder sees” beneath your pet’s photo.

Get in the picture

It’s so important to have an up-to-date right image of your pet in their profile.

The photo will be automatically used to create your ‘Lost Pet’ poster if you ever need it fast. And, if you send out a Lost Pet Alert, the photo will be included in the email that’s sent to Shelters, Animal Hospitals, Vets, Pounds, Animal Control, SPCA locations and local blanket ID members.

A  photo can help get your pet spotted and identified even if they have slipped their collar and aren’t wearing any ID. (We’ve had pets returned from shelters where they were not wearing ID but were recognized from the Lost Pet Alert email broadcast)

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Big Advantage for Foster Carers - sharing the tag

We have many Foster mums and dads that use the blanket ID service – dog sitters too!

With blanket there’s no engraving and no need to buy a new tag for each new foster. A blanket ID tag can be used over and over again by simply changing the online pet profile.

This ID tag is not only immediate and improved protection, but it works out cheaper and more convenient. (not to mention better looking too)

With a new dog in an unfamiliar environment it’s vitally important to have up-to-date visible ID as soon as possible.