Why you need to upload a photo of your pet.

Adding an up-to-date photo to your pet profiles is vitally important because:

  1. The photo will automatically be used to create your ‘Lost Pet’ poster if you ever need it fast.
  2. The photo will be part of the information somebody sees if they report your pet found at blanket ID.
    (You can see this by using the button labeled “What a finder sees” beneath the photo of your pet on your “My Pets” page.)
  3. If you send out a Lost Pet Alert, the photo will be included in the email that’s sent to Shelters, Animal Hospitals, Vets, Pounds, Animal Control, SPCA locations and local blanket ID members. The photo can help get your pet spotted and identified even if they have slipped their collar and aren’t wearing any ID.
    (We’ve had pets returned from shelters where they were not wearing ID but were recognized from the Lost Pet Alert email broadcast)

Take care when you take your photo and:


Don’t use a blurred image – make sure you crop correctly


Get an easily recognizable shot – capture any distinguishing features


Cropping your photo
Try to select a photo that shows your best friend clearly so that they can easily be recognized. Out-of-focus and distant shots will be of limited help.

Photo Format
Make sure that the file you choose finishes in a .PNG or .JPG

Checking the Size of your photo
You must choose a file smaller than 2mb.
On a PC you can right click the file and select “properties” to see the image size.
On a Mac, right click on the image and select “Get info” to see the image size.

Adjusting the size of your photo
Resizing an image is an easy process. The best way to resize your photo depends on the software you have and the computer you are using. The fastest way to find the right solution for you is to check via Google.

Keeping your photo up to date
You can easily change your photo by electing “edit pet”  beside their profile on your “My Pets” page. Simply select the new file and upload it to replace your existing picture.

If you are still having problems please contact us