It’s National Pet ID week¬†and over the past few years to emphasize this occasion¬†we have published¬†many articles about the vital importance of using visible pet ID.

However, for this year’s National Pet ID week¬†we wanted to highlight how you can Protect Your Pets and Help Others,¬†what you can do to help raise money for your local rescue, and also promote our ‘neighbourhood watch’ effort to build¬†¬†the best network to be on the lookout for your pet.

AND there will be the chance of a great deal too!

Get everyone covered
For the whole of National Pet ID week from 17th – 23rd April 2017 we will have a 2 for 1¬†offer –¬†2 tags for the price of one, so if you have more than 1 furry friend in the family they can be protected too with our FREE first year or maybe you can help others by¬†giving one tag away – PAW IT FORWARD!

Support your Chosen Rescue
Did you know that each time you purchase a blanket ID tag with membership, part of your payment goes to support Animal Welfare? And, each time you renew your tag, up to as much as $14.00 goes to support Animal Welfare Рimagine if we all did that!

Choose your Own rescue to Support
Did you also know that you can select a rescue or charity to receive¬†that donation?¬†And, did you know that¬†if the rescue you want to support is unknown to blanket, you can add it yourself? It’s easy too, just enter the details when you activate your tag and complete your pet’s profile. Maybe you rescued your pet from your local rescue or maybe you know a¬†rescue that¬†does good work and needs extra funds. Whatever the reason, rest assured you are Protecting Your Pet and Helping Others at the same time!

Sharing and Caring – Neighbourhood Watch
Also, did you know to build¬†you own neighbourhood watch, all you need do is to invite¬†your neighbours to sign up for our Lost Pet Alert Emails – it’s easy and done right from our¬†home page!

If you¬†are following blanket’s tag line – Protect Your Pets. Help Others please share and help us to protect you all.

The Deal
any 2 blanket ID tags and we will give you one of those for FREE Рjust use code: 2for1 at checkout!

(A value of $50 for $24.99 valid from 17th April until 23rd April 2017)

Hurry, this deal will end at midnight on April 23rd!