Home is where the heart is... and your dogs too!

It’s important to know where your dog is at all times. Just a quick toilet break in the back yard with a gate left open can mean a missing dog within seconds.

We have found from our ‘Lost Pet’ statistics that most lost pets actually go missing right from their home. No-one thinks it will happen to THEIR pet, but sadly 1 in 3 pets will get lost at some point in their lifetime.

Being a responsible pet owner means keeping up-to-date visible ID on each and every pet.


It's National Pet ID week 

Is your current visible ID up to date… when was the last time you checked?

Looking after your pet’s daily well being, including their health, comfort, and giving lots of love is part of being a dog parent. Sharing your lives and making them being part of the family means your focus is all about their comfort and safety. Getting separated is stressful for you and for your dog – and in some cases it can be downright dangerous. It’s a big problem with a really simple answer – VISIBLE ID – Always on.

Wearing visible ID at home etc etc

Whether you take them on trips to the park, long journeys in the car or even just a romp in the back yard, wearing visible ID is always so important. The quick response to a troubled, lost pet can save an already traumatic experience for you both from turning into something much worse.

Visible ID should be worn at all times , but when pets go missing right from their home many are not wearing their ID. It’s inevitable that the big buckled collar and numerous tags are removed indoors to make them more comfy, but it’s a risk. Think instead of using a more comfy collar for indoors so that the ID can remain.

Please take a trip to www.blanketID.com and view the options to spoil and protect your best friends. Maybe they would like one of our super-comfy Lounge Collars, or maybe you’ll upgrade their ID tag to one of our advanced blanket ID tags. What a nice way to show them you love them back 🙂

When pet ID is important enough to have its own National Week, maybe it’s time to spare a little thought about this really inexpensive step that could literally mean everything for your pet. Check out our special deal for this important week, as we like to say – Protect Your Pet. Help Others.




National Pet ID Week Deal

When you purchase a blanket ID tag this week we’ll include:

2x Home Alone Cards – Our Home Alone Cards slot in to your wallet to make people aware that you have pets alone at home. The orange corners mean that the card can be easily spotted – all you have to do is list the designated person(s) that should be contacted.

Pod Lightweight and comfy – perfect for travel too! Just write your details on our weather resistant paper, roll up and insert! It’s as easy as that!

$5 voucher – treat your pet to an extra comfy Lounge Collar, accessories or even extra membership!