PupJoy = happy tails

Your pet’s health, welfare and safety are paramount, and of course their happiness plays a big part in that too – hey, who doesn’t like to be around a happy dog? This month we’ve teamed up with PupJoy to bring you a money-saving offer on a fun monthly treat for your furry friend, delivered right to your door.
PupJoy’s boxes are a fun-filled surprise with natural organic treats, tested toys and accessories from responsible artisan brands, all carefully selected and vetted by the most discerning dogs.

Unique from other dog boxes, every PupJoy box can be customized specifically to your needs – you pick a plan and customize to suit your dogs requirements – choose from box size, type, toy preference, treat preference (including considerations of allergies etc) and even the size of your dog so, you can be sure that the box you select delights your dog perfectly.
And, with safety in mind, PupJoy’s products are completely free of chemicals, additives, and other unhealthy junk.

In the spirit of our own Blanket Fund for Animals, PupJoy also strongly supports animal welfare. Through their Helping Paws© program, $2 from your PupJoy Box purchase is donated to the BISSELL Pet Foundation , helping over 3,000 rescue organizations reduce the number of animals in shelters through pet adoption, spay/neuter programs, microchipping, and foster care.

When you’re ready to choose your PupJoy box, visit www.pupjoy.com and use code BlanketID to save $20 on any plan of three or more boxes.

Join in, have fun and help support BISSELL Pet Foundation. Let’s make every dog a lucky dog