Special Features

It’s Simple and Very, Very Effective

Statistics show that 1 in 3 pets will go missing at some time. Here’s how a blanket ID tag can help get your lost or stolen pet quickly and safely back home.

Vital Information 24/7

Vital Information Available 24/7

Firstly, using the blanket ID tag number, anyone who finds your pet can easily access your contact details and everything you need them to know to safely return your pet.

You can access and update your information for free at any time – even after your pet has gone missing if you need to. This is great if you travel with your pets because you can change your contact details to where you actually are, not where you live. After all, what’s the point of people calling your home when you’re on vacation?

Please understand that your pet needs visible ID regardless of if they are microchipped. The person who finds your pet won’t be carrying a microchip scanner.



Email alerts



Missing Pet Email Alerts

¬†Dog’s missing¬†– Panic!!!!¬†That awful feeling of dread makes it hard to think straight.¬†Take a deep breath and use your blanket ID to the fullest.

From your account at blanket ID you can launch a lost or stolen pet email alert to our database of local shelters,¬†pounds, SPCA locations, animal hospitals, vets and all local blanket ID members.¬†All of the information you enter into blanket ID – including¬†a photo of your pet – will be immediately broadcast. It takes seconds to update details and send.¬†You simply can’t get the word out faster.

We send you a list of the places where the email has been sent so that you can follow up if you need to to, and you get the peace of mind that your pet can be identified even if they are lost without their collar and tag. We’ve actually had pets reunited from shelters and SPCA when they have not been wearing their blanket ID tag but¬†have have been recognized from the photo in the email alert.


An Instant Search Party

When your pet’s lost, time is of the essence. Lost Pet Alert emails accessed by members on¬†smartphones create an instant ‘on the¬†ground’ search party in your local area. Our current record for having a lost pet found is around 15 seconds!







Found Pet GPS Mapping

When someone reports at blanketID.com that they’ve found your pet , you’ll receive an instant email with their contact details and message. You may also receive a GPS map of where your pet was reported found. A blanket ID does not contain a GPS chip, but our website will use the GPS details from the finder’s device to locate the position where your pet was reported found. Please note that the finder may¬†block this feature if they choose to.






Lost Pet Posters

Don’t waste time trying to make a Lost Pet poster. blanket ID automatically creates customized Lost and Stolen Pet posters¬†from¬†your Pet Profile information. All you need to do is hit ‘Print’. Posters make great flyers for local mailboxes too.

You can easily edit and update the information shown on your poster to show exactly the information you want to share. You can print your posters from any internet-connected device and printer, you do not need to be at home.





Protect Your Pet. Help Others.

You can choose the organization you would like to help. A portion of any membership you purchase is forever given to that organization. We keep our service very affordable because we want all pets to have the extra protection provided by our tags. When everyone gives back just a small amount we can make a big difference. Since our launch in 2009 we have helped more than 120 animal welfare organizations across North America.

And, BTW, did we also mention that blanket ID¬†tags are super-cute, noiseless, lightweight, waterproof, scratch-resistant,¬†100% made in North America from quality materials and guaranteed for life? Remember, it’s always better to have one than need one!