Terms and Conditions

By creating an account at blanketID.com, you agree to be bound by our terms and conditions of use below. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions of use, please do not continue with your registration.

For the purposes of this agreement, blanketID.com is hereby referred to as “the company” and the member purchasing an ID tag and web subscription service is defined as “the member.”

By purchasing ID tags and service from the company, the member acknowledges that they have read and agree to the following terms and conditions.

Your blanket ID tags

Your blanket ID tags are covered by a lifetime guarantee against defects in workmanship and materials.

Charitable donations

Any funds that are designated as a donation to the Blanket Fund for Animals, or to an organization selected by the member, shall be donated in full without any reduction, fee or charge by the company.

The company, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to approve any organization selected by any member to receive funds. In the event that an organization is not approved, the funds will be reallocated in full to The Blanket Fund for Animals.

Your Privacy

The company will absolutely not share, trade, swap or exchange your email address with any company.

Definition of Service

For the purposes of this agreement our service is defined as follows: The storage and maintenance of member and pet information in an online database. Service begins on the date of a successfully completed online subscription and continues for the period of time specified during the purchase of service. Service ends at the expiration of the service (subscription) contract period purchased. After completion of a contract period, the company has no further obligation or responsibility to provide service of any kind for the member.

The member acknowledges that although the blanket ID website and service uses GPS technology, it is understood that blanket ID tags do not contain a GPS chip.

Right of termination of service

The company reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to terminate the service of any member deemed to be using the blanketID.com website in any manner considered to be inappropriate, offensive and not for the purpose intended. No refunds whatsoever will be made in the event of termination of service.

Lost ID Tags

The company is not responsible for the cost of replacing lost or damaged ID tags.

Member Information

The company is not responsible for any of the information contained in the member’s account. The maintenance of accurate and current information in the member’s website account is the sole responsibility of the member.

Continuity of service and membership

The member will hold company harmless for any lapse in service or access to member website account resulting from any force outside of the company’s reasonable control or influence including, but not limited to, power outages, web site hosting interruptions and software problems.

The renewal of membership is the sole responsibility of the member. Whilst the company will undertake reasonable efforts to notify the member of an impending expiration of membership, the member agrees that the upkeep of a valid membership to the blanketID.com service is the sole responsibility of the member. The member agrees to hold the company harmless for any damages, real or perceived, incurred by the member as a result of a membership expiring.

Company Access of Member Information

The member acknowledges that company employees or agents may access member information for the purpose of reporting a lost animal or other business related reasons.

Limited Responsibility for Lost and Found Reporting

The company does not guarantee that any lost animal will be found. The company does not employ any contracted service for the purpose of searching for lost animals. The company shall have no responsibility to make arrangements for the return of any animal.

Limited Liability

The company is not liable for any loss of property, nor for the loss of any animal. The member will hold the company harmless for any damages, real or perceived, incurred by the member as a result of owning an animal, or purchasing blanket ID tags and purchasing the service from the company. Owning a blanket ID tag and purchasing service from the company is not a guarantee of animal safety, return, or health.