Wow! 10 years have flown by since we adopted Milly and Poppet and launched blanket. In that time we’ve helped hundreds of lost pets make it safely back home, and we’ve been able to help more than 120 fabulous organizations that save furry lives.

To celebrate 10 years of reuniting families, and to encourage others to join us, we’d like to share a special birthday offer with you:

1. Fancy a new bright and shiny replacement blanket ID to spoil your best friend? 

 2. Do you need a brand new tag or maybe a gift for another pet lover?

 until 2020 all blanket ID tags are 50% off 

USE CODE: tenyears 

Many thanks to all of you for your years of help and support.

Together we have saved lives and mended broken hearts 🙂



So many members over the years have expressed how grateful they are – we are so happy that pets have been reunited with owners and we are able to help rescues too

“My cat was found injured and the kind people that picked her up were able to see our vets details at blanket and take her straight there. I think your service saved her life – thank you”


“I’ve been a member for five years and this is the third time that our ‘escape artist’ terrier has been found using blanket ID – love it!”

“I was at work when I received an email to tell me that Benjy had been found. I was able to arrange for my neighbour to collect him and look after him. Great service!”

Thanks to our fantastic members

Since 2009 we have been able to help over 120 organizations that make the world a better place, and countless pets get home to their owners.