Travel Checklist

It’s that time of year when you’re hitting the road and chances are many of you will be taking your best friend¬†along. Just about everywhere is pet-friendly so¬†why wouldn’t you? We help make sure your pet’s journey is as comfortable, easy, and safe as¬†can be, whatever your mode of transport.

Packing all the essentials is a challenge in itself, and when you don’t have to worry about that ‘just in case’ all-important ID life just gets a whole lot better.¬†Remember that even with the occasional pit stop for a poo-poo-pee-do¬†and water they¬†can be kept safe and comfortable in¬†a¬†Lounge Collar¬†and matching¬†blanket ID tag¬†or waterproof¬†Pod¬†– all are very important in new territory.


Lounge Collars

On a long journey your pet needs to be comfy. Lightweight and relaxed, a Lounge Collar helps your pet kick back in comfort and a whole load of style. No bulky buckles that poke, no wide neck bands to restrict Рgoing naked never looked so good! And when your pet needs a sniff around leave the Lounge collar on and just add a harness for walks.

A Lounge Collar means that your pet can wear ID at all times without sacrificing their comfort. Every collar is lovingly handcrafted from soft Kangaroo leather and worn with looser fit for maximum comfort.

Remember, if you’re ever separated in while on your travels you can immediately update your address and send out a Lost Pet Alert to the local area.

ID tag

Next, attach their¬†blanket ID¬†¬†– Have the¬†peace of mind that they’re protected at all times, and safely connected to your important instructions and contact information 24/7.

It’a always important to keep your profile updated especially change of address, phone numbers, medical issues etc just in case the worst should happen. However, the bonus of a blanket ID is that your pet’s info can be changed at a moments’ notice to help a finder contact you quickly instead of phoning your home (you’re on vacation remember :-))

We have some top tips on how to get the best image of your pet in your profile here  Рthis is particularly important as this image appears on our Lost Pet emails and posters!



Heading out to the beach? Our waterproof Pod is perfect! Lightweight and casual it contains weather resistant paper that carries your contact information and your blanket ID tag number.

Just write your details on the paper, roll up and insert! It’s as easy as that!

Your¬†Pod¬†is¬†included by your existing blanket ID tag membership and uses the same online profile so it’s very quick and easy to use – your very own lifesaver!