The Meaning of blanket

Have you ever wondered why we called our company “blanket”?

Here’s a little insight; We began by considering what we actually wanted to do – and “blanket” became a recurring word when we considered various aspects of what we wanted our service to deliver. While pondering this name we adopted our very frightened little ‘Milly’ from a local rescue. In the first few days following our adoption, the only thing that seemed to comfort her and make her feel secure was the little blue blanket that she used to hide under in her cage.

The decision was made – and backed by these Oxford/Cambridge English Dictionary definitions:


Covering all cases or instances; total and inclusive including or affecting all possible cases, situations or people


The Security blanket

“Something that provides reassurance, support or a sense of security”

Reassurance – because you feel safer and more secure in the knowledge that your pet has a much better chance of making it back home safely and quickly.

Support – because of the way our service provides a way for you to tell anyone who finds your pet absolutely all the information you want them to know.

Security – knowing your pet is covered allows you to feel safe and confident that you have done all you can to give them the best protection.

The blanket Protection

“Covering all cases or instances”

blanket ID provides a way for you to tell anyone who finds your pet the best way to contact you, and give them all the information you want them to know to keep your pet happy, safe and cared for.

All your pet’s needs can be listed in your pet’s profile (health issues, allergies, diets , little personality idiosyncrasies etc), to help anyone who finds your pet to protect and care for them the way you do.

The blanket cover

“To cover something completely – blanket cover – all members of a group – total and inclusive”

We cover your local area with our Missing Pet Alerts sent to our database of Rescues, Animal Hospitals, local SPCA and blanket ID members. We also include anyone local who has signed up for our Lost Pet Alerts and local blanket ID members.

The Warm and Cozy blanket

Via our donations we provide a little warmth and help to the shelters and rescue organizations that protect animals in need.

We always remember that when we rescued our little cat ‘Milly’ she had only one thing that made her feel safe and secure – the little blue blanket she used to hide under at the shelter.

blanket the noise

– our tags are silent too!


Every pet should be covered with a blanket –
protect your pets. help others.